An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 06 23 - All is good in the world: Thanks to Gus

On the way in to work today I was listening to the weather forecast for this week and I was completely blown away by the amount of good weather coming my way.
So, needless to say, I was in a hurry to get home early today to try out my new pool.

When I got home, not only was a beautiful pool waiting for me but so was a small box at my front door.

What's this?
A box for little ol' me?

Has the pump finally arrived?

I wonder what it could possibly be???

An inflate-a-friend perhaps?

It's not ticking which is always a good sign.

It's not vibrating either

It doesn't smell fishy so it's not that...

Eel innards are good for hair removal

Good thing it's not fragile!

Oopsie daisies

Lets look inside...
No way!
Can it be?
I don't believe it!

Finally, some lovin'

There is a GOD, and his name is Gus.

EEE HAW baby!

Now I can look cool just like Gus.

I wish I had a cool hat like this in high school.
Talk about being on the fast track to popularity!

Paul Buceta - Pin-Up?

They even look cool in the pool.

The water's cold - real cold

No laughing - The water was cold!