An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 06 25 - Keeping Promises

I'm feeling a bit down about the prospect of selling my Jaguar.
I wasn't alone.
I was talking to my friend the actress and she was telling me that she will probably have to sell her BMW.
As a matter of fact, her car was in the shop as we spoke so I thought to myself, I should offer her a drive and maybe score a photo op with her.

We stopped along the way to get a few drinks and talked about everything under the sun.
Part way through our conversation, her mechanic called with the bad news. It seems her transmission is kaput and to repair it will cost in the neighborhood of $2,500.00 to fix - Ouch.

This left her in a bit of a down mood.
Great I thought - I'm going to have to buy her a bunch more drinks just to get her happy again.
(What a saint I am).

After a few more drinks she was still a bit concerned about her future cash output so I made her a deal,
"If you cheer up a bit, I'll take a picture of us for my journal".

You know, sometimes I feel Like Santa handing out gifts, cheer and goodwill to all!