An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 07 02 - Masuimi Max - Rocks.

I had mentioned that I had wanted to photograph Masuimi Max some time ago and today I got my chance.

I would have mentioned that I had set up a photo session with her but did not want to count my chickens before they're hatched.

This whole week I've been a nervous wreck waiting for today.
I triple checked all my equipment to make sure there would be no last minute problems, I wrote down different ideas as not to forget any later, and made sure I had an extra watch ready should mine break as I did not want to be late for our session.

10 minutes to showtime and I go over my last minute list ...
Gum - Check
Cologne - Check
Clean Underwear - Check

When I finally met her I was so excited, so anxious that a little pee came out.
Clean Underwear - X

No, that didn't really happen. I just made that shit up.

General impressions.

I was a bit nervous to meet her because the last time I met a model of her calibre I was terribly disappointed.
Masuimi Max is as charming as one gets. I was certain that being as beautiful as she is, she would be equally as arrogant - Quite the contrary.

Throughout our shoot she would tell funny stories of things in her life and would totally crack me up.
Wait a minute - I'm supposed to be the funny one here.

We even knock off some fun pictures for my journal

If you want to see some of today's pictures, you can view them here.

Anyhow, after our session she asked if we could grab a bite to eat.
"Of course we can - It would be my honor"
Did I actually say that?
(Hell, I would have given her my wallet if she asked! - She's serious danger for me)

We pack everything up and go out to my car.

I swear I parked it here this morning.

Wouldn't you know it, I parked it illegally and got it towed.

Can anyone tell me why I am such a Jack-Ass?
Why does this shit happen to me all the time?

I am the anti-midas, koo-koo-ka-choo

After picking up my car and looking like a total loser, we finally go grab a bite to eat.

What a great way to finish the night, a nice meal with a beautiful woman.

I just wish she had told me my fly was down the whole time!

I should just kill myself!