An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 07 17 - G is for Gina

I was cleaning out some of my old emails and came across some correspondence I had had with Gina Schofield.

We have not been in touch for a while and I couldn't help feeling a little sad.
So I decided to check out her site to see what she's been up to lately before emailing her.

What a nice surprise I got!

When I first came across her site, some time ago, she only had a few token pictures of herself.
Now, she's added a bunch more.

While looking over her portfolio I came across this picture;

Photo by Bruce Beardsley

I emailed Gina asking if I could include this picture in my journal.
In the email I mentioned that this picture displays an alluring delicateness and gentleness.
Since the email, (and upon much deeper reflection) I have more thoughts on this picture.

I've decided to add contemplation sadness and silent resolve to the list.

I now see a girl looking at her partner and knowing this is the end.
A girl that knows the relationship is over but refuses to let her feelings be shown.
"Why must it end?", she wonders with a heavy heart...

Then again, she could be wondering if she left the coffee maker on - What do I know?

I do know that Gina is sexy.