An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 08 06 - Hanging out - Bikini Style!

I found a site, ( that I thought could use a little Paul Buceta to spruce it up.
I had submitted my pictures and info for the 'Hot Guy' section of their site and luckily, the person that received my information saw how hot I was and immediately added me.
(Yeah, yeah, I can't believe I have the audacity to put that in writing either!)

The truth is, I never really considered myself in the same league as the people on this site.
To me this group of elite / beautiful people have always been a bit of a mystery, a bit out of my league - something to appreciate from afar.
They certainly never invited to their cool parties.

I now feel like I have arrived!
I ask, "Is my life going to turn into a giant beer commercial?"

If you want to see the section I'm talking about, click here.

As I had mentioned earlier - I've been working on more self portraits.
(Coincidently, the picture they used on Bikini Hangout is also a self portrait)

Here's a recent one I took just the other day.

I wish I had more models to work with.
It feels a little creepy taking pictures of myself.

Wait a minute, now that I'm officially a Hot Guy, my phone should start ringing off the hook!

(I sit back, put my feet up on the desk and check the phone for a dial-tone every two minutes until falling asleep).