An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 08 11 - I am going to sleep well tonight.

As I mentioned last week, I was looking to join a gym and have made my decision on which one.

I went today for my free week trial before signing on.

Hey, free is free right?

Or is it?

I paid, boy did I ever pay.

There was a personal trainer there today that was kind enough to show me the ropes.
(Kind - Boy, was I naive)
He told me his name but I had forgotten it almost instantly.
(This is something that happens regularly to me)
It didn't matter that I forgot his name - five minutes into my new routine I was cursing his existence and announcing to all present that his parents were never married etc. etc...
I have decided to call him Hitler.

I always thought that weights were things you put on your fishing line to ensure your bait drops deeply into the water.
Hitler thought this was funny and thought it would be funnier to have me lift them repeatedly.
(I would like to put weights on him to make sure he drops deeply into the water)

If that wasn't bad enough, Hitler had a contraption set up just for me.
I think he keeps this thing ready for people that spit at him and call him 'kissy boy'.
He called his contraption a stepper.

I was on the contraption for 20 minutes according to the clock on it.

I must have lost consciousness a few times because I have no recollection of my time on it.

Although for some reason, when I got off the machine I vomited into my mouth a little.

Every part of my body hurts now.

I can't wait to go back tomorrow and dance my sadistic little dance with Hitler again.

It's 7:00pm now, I think I'll crawl upstairs and call it a night.

"Good night John Boy"
"Good night Paul"
"Good night Hitler"