An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 08 19 - Old style journal.

I was being a bit reflective about my journal this morning on my drive in to work.
I've noticed that lately I've been more obsessed with writing about what I'm doing and not about the stuff that happens in my life.
Somewhere along the line I lost my way with my journal.

I called Travis this morning to discuss this and he agreed with me.
He even went on to say that I was only calling him for material for my journal.
"I pinch my nose, grab my crotch and signal to the bull pen for a relief pitcher"

Hold the phones... on the highway in front of me I see a shinny truck and am inspired to try a little something.

I'm travelling at about 55mph, (never more - ahem) and decide to catch up to the truck to try my hand at a self portrait.

Please don't try this at home - I am a professional.
Professional idiot.
"Look ma, no brains!"

That's my reflection on the side of the truck.
Unfortunately it didn't turn out as nice as I had hoped.

The whole time I'm attempting this, I'm describing/explaining the process to Travis via cell.
He thinks I'm totally insane - I told him not to worry. If I have an accident that would just make for MORE pictures for me to include in my journal.

My dad is going to read this and call me.

He must be so proud.