An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 08 21 - Just some tidbits

I've been keeping so busy with so many other things in my life that I have been seriously neglecting the journal.

I've been going to the gym regularly and am hoping that it sticks.
Like many people before me, I hope that this whole workout gig isn't just a passing phase.
I'm noticing improvements in my appearance and have already started increasing the weights and reps.
In layman terms - I'm working out harder.

I'm trying to put together the Zine section of my web site and have been running into a bunch of technical obstacles. Being very new at web design this is a constant frustration for me.
I can see the way I want the final product to look, I just keep having to cut corners because of my technical limitations.
But I'm learning.

I just got an email from my website hosting provider, Wolf.
It would seem that my site has hit the limit with regards to how much I have on it.
In the distance, I can hear him shouting out, "Ka Ching" and making the motion of inputting another sale on the cash register.
There goes more money.

I joke about him but in all seriousness I have to admit I am thoroughly satisfied with the service he provides. If I have a question or concern about something, he's always happy to help.
What's more, and this is something you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else, if you phone him he almost always picks up the phone.
Chinook Webs is a great provider - plain and simple.

I hope he reads this - I'm always looking for a discount.

Anyhow, this whole web project is really starting to cost a lot of time, effort and money.
I haven't been making plans on a social basis for fear of getting too distracted from the site.
Be it setting up shoots with models, designing pages for friends, shooting video for my new show, or just updating my site, I just don't think I'm living a normal life.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also have a day job.

On the bright side, I wore a yellow shirt today.

How can I be down wearing yellow - right?