An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 08 25 - What an incredible weekend!

This weekend was one gigantic photographic marathon.
On Sunday I worked with a great model from 11:00 am until midnight.
We covered a tremendous amount different poses and looks and the final result seems quite promising.
I didn't get a chance to review the pictures yet because I was just too tired after 13 hours.

Moving backwards to Saturday; I had a shoot set up with a referred model.
Carmela is a friend of one of the models I had worked with in the past.
She's a regular visitor to my site and becoming a bigger fan with each visit.
As I'm told, one day she just decided to go for it, she spoke to her friend, got my number, and called me out of the blue.

Contrary to what many of you may believe, I don't get that many calls from beautiful women asking to be photographed - The myth is shattered now, isn't it?

Anyhow, I was thrilled to have an admirer of my work and more so to have one that wants to pose for me.

We agreed to have an introductory meeting on the Thursday, prior to our SESSION to discuss objectives, styles and general comfort level. I was like a kid in a candy store. A new model wanting to work with me and willing to do erotic nudes, (this is something that's difficult to find) - What more could I ask for, right?

Saturday approached and she arrived at my place with a Banana bread loaf that she had cooked for me.
It was wrapped in foil and still warm.
Coincidently, banana bread is what I have for breakfast every morning and one of my favorites.
Did she know this or was this just plain luck? Regardless, the gesture did not go unnoticed as I have never received any gifts or otherwise from any model I have ever worked with.
Besides, the banana bread was absolutely the best I have ever had.
(I ate the whole loaf that same day)

As the shoot progressed, she called her mother a few times to let her know everything was fine and that things were going well.
Why did I all of a sudden feel like I was doing something naughty?
I asked her about what her mother thought of this, to which she replied, "She's fine with it, just a little concerned for me".

From here onward I realized that artistic nudes were not going to be a possibility.
In fact, I think she felt worse over the whole thing than I did.
We moved on regardless of the small obstacle...

After a few hours I could tell that Carmela needed to eat something - That and my stomach was screaming for food. Since she was in a bikini at the time I offered her a sweat suit and off we went to grab a bit to eat.

Here we are at the restaurant.

She laughed at my choice of clothing, saying I looked like Michael J. Fox.
I should have asked to my sweatsuit back in retaliation. <GRIN>

You can see more of Carmela in the new SESSIONS section of my website.

I did get a lot of video as well so I'm hoping to add that to her page as well.

If only I had more hours in a day - (And some nude pics....)