An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 08 31 - - Old School

I received an email from a friend of mine that reads my journal every day.
She commented on the fact that my journals have not had the 'flavor' they once did.
She also went on to say that my web site was taking on a more 'adult' feel to it.
(That will NEVER happen)

Upon reflecting on her words I realized that not only was she right, but that I hadn't given much thought to what the general feel of the site was transforming to.

I called her to explain that for the last week and a half I had scheduled model after model to work with. Some days I even had two models booked.
The reason I did this was to create some more content for my site to make it more attractive to visitors; the new movie review section (Which I think is brilliant), the new SESSIONS format of photography, and the additions of more videos yet to be released.
This was all part of my BIG PICTURE.

However, in the process I was worked so hard that I very seldom went to bed before 3:00am.
Being so drained and having so many pictures and videos to deal with, I just didn't find my way to being creative on my journal side.

And here I was thinking that all these SESSIONS with models would give me lots to write about!

Anyhoo, today is the first day in over a week that I have nothing scheduled.
I thought I'd take this opportunity to try being a little creative and update my website main image.

I thought to myself, "What's been big in the news lately?"
And then it hits me, the blackout!

I didn't want to just put up a black screen saying I survived the blackout.

I never thought I'd actually put something like this in writing for the world to see: I took out an ice cube from the freezer and pulled my pants down... a few clicks later, and there you have it.

Paul on the rocks!

Check out my home page to see the final product.

Hopefully, this entry will be my testament to the fact that I am trying to get back to the old Paul Buceta that started this journal thingy.