An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 09 01 - Back to School.

So there goes another summer!
It seems like only yesterday I was sitting by the pool enjoying the sun.

Today, like clockwork, it got cooler here.
It's almost like the summer ended at the stroke of midnight.

Anyhow, here's what happened to me today;

I met with a photographer to get some pictures taken of me.
(Like I don't have enough pictures of me already)
The interesting thing about this is that I have forgotten what is to be a model.
I have been behind the camera for so long that I don't remember, (not that I ever knew) how to be a model.
I felt rigid and kind of unsure of myself.
(Don't expect a joke here - That would be too easy!)

Anyhow, I'm still pretty confident that the pictures will turn out wonderfully.
She is quite a good photographer with a lot of experience and a kick-ass portfolio. Also, she had a lot of equipment and assistants to boot - I don't see how I could lose.
Besides, I'm Paul Buceta and I don't care how stupid I look. * reference yesterday's entry*