An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 09 08 - The Film Festival Continues...

Sunday at the film festival proved to be more fun than Saturday.
This time I decided to be more outgoing with the people behind the scenes and introduce myself to all the on-air celebrities reporting from the red carpet.

At first I thought that these reporters might find it weird that a peer would approach them for a picture but was pleasantly surprised by how outgoing and friendly they were.

I'm kinda nervous about going into detail about these people because I gave them all my card and must assume that they will possibly be reading this.
Here goes anyhow...

One of the reporters I met at Sunday's Gala was Cheryl Hickey from Global News.
I've seen Cheryl on TV for so long now that when I saw her on the red carpet just a few feet away from me I was all giddy with excitement.
I kind of pounced on her more than casually introducing myself. I really need to remember that most people are not as spontaneously outgoing as I am - Nor as obsessive.
Still, she was super cool, very friendly and, need I say it, super sexy.

Cheryl Hickey and Me.

Another very well known reporter covering the event was Melissa DiMarco.
Melissa is one of those reporters that stands out on the screen. Whenever I see her on TV, I stop changing channels to check out what she's up to.
I guess you can say I really dig her scene, and can you blame me - HELLO!

She even has her own 'Worship page' .
And no, I did not start that page contrary to popular belief.

Melissa DiMarco and Me

This next one is kinda funny to me.
I had the luck to meet with Jerry Penacoli from EXTRA.
Although I didn't really get a chance to chat much with him, (Too many beautiful female reporters distracting me), he was a nice enough guy to pose with me for a picture.
I still can't get over the size of his head. It's huge

Paul and Jerry Penacoli
Jerry Penacoli and Me

I should mention that Jerry was also good enough to give me some reporting tips.
I was sincerely appreciative of the advice and will be sure to use it in the future - Thanks Jerry.


Before the celebrities started arriving I was out having a little drink at a place I visited last year during the festival.
I couldn't believe my luck. I had the same waitress both times - We actually remembered each other.
In hindsight, I should have expected her to remember me - I'm Paul Buceta
**a collective, "Booo" from the gallery.

After a quick snack, back I went to the red carpet.

Denzel Washington was really happy to see me.
It was kinda weird actually. He got out of the Limo walked right past the ET crew and right over to me.
I felt guilty because all the other press guys were there before me.
Ok, Ok, it didn't quite work that way, but he was nice enough to pose for a picture.
Ok, Ok, well maybe he didn't know about the picture.

For those wondering; No, I have no shame.

Anyhoo, I have ro run right now but I'll be back to add to this entry soon.
Be sure to check back.
To be continued....