An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 09 11 - William Shatner will never work in this town again!

I don't usually start my entries with statements like, 'This actually happened", because it implies that other things did not happen. However, this actually happened.

I was in a very fancy part of town today, the kind of area that celebrities hang out in.

As always, I was carrying my camera when who should I happen to see?... William Shatner.
Being my usual outgoing self, I run over to ask if I can get a picture with him.

He looks at me and very rudely says, "No".
A bit stunned at first, I assume he's pulling my leg so I come back with, "Come on, just one picture?"
Again he looks at me and rudely says, "No".

I stood there stunned.

The man that I had grown up watching on TV, the Captain himself, just dissed me.
I watched, with my mouth agape, as he casually walked away.
I was too stunned to even consider getting some shots of him leaving.

Upon reflection I still don't see why he was so adamantly rude to me.
I didn't interrupt him from anything, he was just standing at the street corner by himself.
It wasn't like I had yelled, "Hey everyone, it's William Shatner!"
Hell, I wouldn't have been so bothered if he showed a little bit of remorse.
Instead, he just walked away as though he steps on little people all the time.

Can you tell I'm bitter?

Little did Mr. Shatner realize that he wasn't walking away from just anybody; he was walking away from none other than Paul Buceta - Master of the Internet.
Today was not a lucky day for him, for today I write with anger, my quill dipped in poison.

Now that I have exposed him for the poopy pants he is, I predict he will find it very difficult to get any work - Ever again.

However, and this is a big however, being the good sport that I am, I have decided to give Mr. Shatner one more chance to rectify this wrong.

"Come on, just one picture?"