An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 09 23 - Opening mouth to switch feet.

The other day I was walking down the street when who should I happen to see?
No, not William Shatner, but Shane Corson.

Shane Corson is an NHL Hockey player.

Living in a big hockey town, everyone knows his story. However to level the playing field, I'll break it down for those of you that have no idea what his deal is.

Shane Corson played with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Last year during the play-offs he was being repeatedly benched by the coach. Because of this, the press started to get all excited. Stories were fabricated to make headlines and subsequently started to impact the whole team. All this was going on during the playoffs when the team should have been concentrating on the game and not the press.
Anyhow, Shane decided to resign from the team and forfeit something like $200,000 pay.
(As per Shane's press release, he did it for the team).

Now depending on who you talk to, some will tell you that what he did was selfish while others will agree that what he did was for the best. Either way, being the optimist, I'll go with Shane on this one.

Now back to what this has to do with me.

When I see Shane I ask him for a picture.
He's a bit hesitant.

I say, "C'mon Shane, I'm a huge Leaf fan - Do'h"
As if that wasn't enough I follow up with...
"So what team are you playing with now?" to which he replies, "None".

Somehow I get the picture.

While thanking Shane for being so kind, I apologize for my stupidity telling him that I only open my mouth to switch feet.

He thought that was funny and I thought on that note, I better get outta here on a high note.

*** A personal observation. While watching the Leafs play, I always thought that Shane was a bit plucky in comparison to his team mates. Now that I look at the picture of us together I'm left thinking, "Who's the plucky one now".