An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 10 05 - Still Going Strong.

Busy week - Busy weekend.

Friday after work I had a photo shoot with a friend of mine. I'm hoping that the pics turn out nice as I have yet to review them.
We started taking pictures at about 2:00pm and went until about 11:00pm, with a small break in between for diner.

The next morning, I skipped my usual German school class and helped my brother move.
I'm really proud of him. He just bought a nice new place with a beautiful Melrose Place feel to it.

While we were moving his things from the truck we must have seen a dozen or so beautiful women.
I'm looking forward to spending some more quality time with my brother.

Today, I'm off to help a friend install a giant new bay window in his house.
This should also consume a large part of my day.

and to meet my daily photo quota...

The other day I received an email from a new friend that reads my journal.
She introduced herself and asked if I would be interested in joining her for a little snowboarding - to which I replied:

With regards to snowboarding, I have never tried it.
If I had to pick a favorite method of descending slopes at break-neck speeds I'll have to choose "The Silver Bullet" - An aluminum toboggan that seats 3 at the top of the hill and one (if lucky) at the bottom.

1 Aluminum Toboggan=$50.00
1 Pair of Bolle wind glasses=$40.00
Neighbors watching you make an ass out of yourself=Priceless

Why must I be such a fool?
Can you tell me?