An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 10 07 - Am I Lucky or Just That Good?

On Sunday passed I received a photo credit in a rather large local paper.

My friend Michelle had done an interview with regards to her trememdously successful fund raising for Breast Cancer research and I had taken a bunch of pictures to go with it.

It's kinda fun to get one of my pictures in the paper.
I was really flattered at the fact that it was in colour and on the front page of the section.


Also, yesterday I took a few pictures of me in a dark room with a flashlight on my face.
As many of you may have seen, I have added that picture on my main page.

Under my many self appointed occupations I mentioned that I was an Athazagoraphic.
It's a fear of being forgotten or ignored.

I'm in the process of changing it so that when the mouse passes over the picture it turns to the negative.

It looks even more stupid in its negative.

I really don't understand why I am so excited at the prospect of looking more ridiculous!