An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 10 09 - "Just one little job"

The other day I stopped by a friend's house.

When I got there she seemed too eager to see me.
She immediately started telling me about this guy who's call she was expecting any moment.

As it turns out, she had met a really nice guy and had gone out on a few dates with him.
She really likes him but is unfortunately not interested in seeing him again.
(And men get a bad reputation for this)

Basically, she tells me to pick up the phone and if it's this particular person to tell him she's not in.
The idea is that if a guy answers the phone perhaps he'll get the idea that she has someone else - Or something to that effect.

The phone rings: The moment of truth is here.

"Ya she's here, may I ask who's calling?" - Do'h!

I very apologetically signal to her that it's him and that I messed up.
She whispers to me that she's not taking the call. She tells me to tell him she's in the washroom.
I take the phone again,

"She's in the washroom, she'll just be a moment" - Do'h!

I look at her with a look of desperate panic.
Shaking her head, nodding to indicate her disapproval, she takes the call.

Whew, I get a temporary reprieve.

She gets off the phone and immediately breaks into,
"I ask you do do one f*****g thing!"

At least she doesn't have to worry about what to do tonight.
Because of me, she has a date now.