An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 10 21 - Hair

Having been under the weather as of late, I haven't had a chance to visit with mother for a hair cut.
It's incredible how much difference one to two weeks can make.

Two weeks ago, I was thinking I need a hair cut.
Last week I was thinking, I look like crap, I desperately need a hair cut.
And today I'm thinking, with my hair looking so bad lets try something new.
Out of desperation, I decided to try it combed down.

So far, most people that have seen it have mentioned that they like the new look.

Now, I'm not sure if they're just saying that to be nice or if this fiasco has actually launched an new look for me.

I wish I could copyright this look, because now that I have launched it to the world all the celebrities will be jumping on board and claiming it as theirs.

Hey Brad Pitt: Don't get any silly ideas.

Now that I think about, of course it looks good on me - I make everything look good.
Take my crappy little journal for instance... heheh.