An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 10 22 - New Hair - Day 2

Alright, so today is day two of my new hairstyle.
Yesterday seemed to be a day of "I like it" and "Looks good".
So I decided to keep the new look for a little while longer.

While I am kinda enjoying this new "messy, effortless, carefree" look, it takes a hell of a lot more time to get my hair to look like I did nothing to it - Seriously.

This morning, checking my emails, I came across the artwork of a reader that thinks I'd make a good Yul Brenner.

While yes, I do have a sexy deep voice (AHEM), I don't think that the reflective nature of a bald head would be beneficial for pictures in my journal.

I have to be forward thinking right?

Another thing that's on my mind is how my hair will work with this coming Saturday night.
Every year Northbound Leather holds a Fetish Fashion Show.
This is one of those 'A' list events that anyone who's anyone does not miss.
And Paul Buceta is just anyone - Wait a sec, that's not right.

Anyhow, I'll be going this year sporting a fancy pair of PVC pants and my new messy look.
We'll see if the look works.
Then again, I'll be wearing PVC pants - How can I go wrong?

I'll try to get a couple of shots taken in my new pants.
Then again, like seeing the bride before the ceremony, it might be bad luck to show my pants before the big day.