An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 10 26 - It's Probably the Booze

Last night I went to the Northbound Leather Fetish Fashion Show - Aptly titled Peepshow.
I had a fantastic time, as I do most years.

One of the things that was really upsetting to me was that I had gone out of my way to contact the show's publicist to see if it would be OK if I brought my camera.
In exchange I even offered to take pictures for their press/media endeavors.
Regrettably, I was turned down.
This, unfortunately, means no pics for the journal.

Now, I can take being turned down, hell, that makes up a large portion of my journal.

Anyhow, getting back to the upsetting nature of the event.
It seemed that I was the only person NOT to have a camera there!
Boy do I feel stupid having listened to that hack.

But enough about that, moving right along...

The music was so loud that I vowed to bring earplugs, (and a digital camera) to next years event.
My ears are still ringing.

This morning I woke up with a pretty back headache.
OK, it's more like a hangover.

Looking back over the course of the evening I came to the realization that I had drank a lot more than I had thought. One here, one there, etc.

The hangover is pretty bad, but what makes it worse is that the weather outside is very damp, cold and overcast - I just hate gray days like this.

(You'll notice that I am still sporting my beautiful slippers and that I have still not cut my hair)

Hangover + Crappy day=Laziness.

Today I spent a long time sitting on a chair, looking out the window, and just thinking about things.
No housework for me today.

I decided to fire up computer and get to some emails that need replies.
Diving into work seems to get me into better spirits.

Before long, I'm at my Friendster profile and checking out connections.
There are some very interesting people out there.

I found one person that really stood out.
I decided to send her a small, 'hello' and invite her to read my journal.

What have I done?
Inviting someone I want to make a good impression on to my site - I think I'll blame the alcohol.