An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 11 01 - Assfront and All...

So here I was in my last entry wondering how I'd ever find a girl in my stupid costume.
Especially in a costume that sports a horrific 'assfront' such as mine.

But after a little thought, I came up with a few pick up lines that worked like gold.

Lines like;
"C'mon, give LaLa a hug"


"Be serious with me - Do I look stupid in this?" and when they'd say yes, I'd start crying and work the sympathy angle.

Again, this would result in hugs.

Hugging pleases LaLa.

Hugging aside, I also managed to score tones of candy.

If I manage to finish the whole bag of treats by the end of the weekend,
I'll be sprouting a natural 'assfront'.