An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 11 17 - Mooo

Have you ever seen those commercials were if you open a milk box it moos?
Well a friend of mine was lucky enough to open just such a container.

I had always wondered how they managed to make the milk container feel as though it had milk in it.
For those of you wondering the same thing, today is your lucky day.

This is what the inside of one looks like.

and here is what they put inside to replicate the feeling of a milk filled container.

The bag contains water and salt.
That's it - No rocket science there.

Although they did caution me not to drink the water.
You know how I feel about rules...

If I can't drink the water, I could at least taste the bag.

I wish there was something more to say about the taste other than...

It tastes like a plastic bag that contains water and salt.

Wait a second, if my friend wins another one, he can sell them as implants on Ebay!

He could also sell the little 'moo' contraption along with the implants.
This way, one will know they're feeling implants by the little sound.

It occurred to me that if you are feeling implants you are already a winner and require no further prize.
Then again, if you wanted to trade your prize in for cash value - Lets talk.