An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 11 20 - Deep Purple

I had a photo shoot scheduled with a model I had never met before yesterday.
This was all set up by a mutual friend.
I hadn't even seen a picture of her. All I had was an address, name and time.

I arrived at her house at the agreed time and was greeted by a beautiful blond in a robe, still dripping from the shower.
(It kinda sounds like a letter to Penthouse Forum, doesn't it?)
Anyhow, she directs me to the living area and runs off to finish getting ready.

The moment she's turned the corner I dropped to my knees and thanked God for my good fortune.
This was going to be a lot better than I had anticipated.

Because we were waiting for some wardrobe to arrive we decided to get started without it.
Usually before I photograph anyone nude I prefer to get to know them, to develope a certain comfort level.
But not today.

I thought she looked beautiful in a robe and was completely caught off guard by how fantastic she looked naked. Not many people can pull-off naked well - But she sure could.

I would offer to put up some pics on my journal but two things stand in the way;
1. As this was a paying session I will have to ask her permission before I can post any pics.
2. Because of the nature of my site, I don't think adding nude photos here would be appropriate.

Anyhow, as the evening continued so did the refilling of the wine glasses.

I don't usually drink wine so I was a little caught off guard by how quickly it affected me.
I think she too was enjoying the evening, but then again, how could she not?
She was in the company of Paul Buceta!
(Yeah yeah, I'm still feeling it)
Here is one picture I think she won't mind me adding.

This is near the end of the evening.... after the last bottle was finished.

Here's a little something I learned the hard way;
Excessive amounts of red wine leaves your lips and tongue a dark shade of purple.