An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 11 26 - A Lot Of Renovations

I've missed a couple of days worth of entries as I have been quite busy with a bunch of renovations.

I've been renovating both my web-site and front foyer.

In my foyer, I have repainted all the walls from yellow to white and have been removing all the oak trim that surrounded all the doorways.

Money permitting, I'm hoping to re-tile the entrance as well.

As for renovating my web-site, that's coming up soon.
I'm overwhelmed by the amount of little things involved with redesigning a site.

The reason I'm having to revamp the way things are set up on my site is because of the amount of bandwidth I'm using. Over time, I'm planning on increased traffic so my current setup is will not work for me.
For example, my journal currently exists on a separate server from my official site.
I had originally done this to give myself some flexibility and to reduce costs.
But now I find that all my efforts just served to back me into a corner.

While my new site and foyer are still under development, I'm sure that the final product will be worthwhile.

And yes, I'm proud to drink from the bottle.