An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 11 28 - Two Shoots In One Day

Today was an insanely crazy/hectic day.
It's not often that I'm in front of the camera. Actually I have only done a few photo sessions as the model.

Today I made up for that.

I had a shoot set up early this afternoon at a fine studio downtown.
Because it was part of a larger project, meaning I wasn't the only model involved, the shoot lasted much longer than it was supposed to.

Normally I wouldn't care about time running on but today I had another session set up with another photographer for later in the afternoon.

A cool imbecile...
My second session turned out to be an absolute riot.
There were a few different themes we were after. And most of them were meant to be,... well rather silly.
(Right up my alley!)

I can't go into much detail about this shoot as I am planning to surprise everyone with the final product in a short while.

Although I suppose I could share one picture for now.

Shiny silver shirt + Shiny PVC pants
=One Sexy MF.

That's right, you heard me.
One sexy MF.