An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 12 02 - Vacation Accrued

I got an email from my employer the other day.
As it turns out, I have 17 days of vacation unused this year.

Normally I would feel pretty good about this but this time it's different. My unused vacation days reminds me that I did not take a vacation this year.
I was so consumed with other projects that I totally forgot to relax.

What's worse is that with the purchase of my new house, every penny I make goes right to my mortgage.
This means I don't foresee being able to afford to go anywhere anytime soon.

This depresses me.

I'd rather be sun-tanning...

I look out the window and drift back to those hot summer afternoons pool side taking pictures of beautiful models hmmm ... and then I snap back to reality and see the cold uninviting winter.
The summer passed by so fast!

It's at this time that I wish I had booked a holiday.

Is there anyone living in LA, Florida, Las Vegas or Cancun that would be willing to put me up for free?
This would include serving me at least three meals per day.
Making my bed with fresh sheets every day.
Must be willing to appear in my journal, and be ridiculed daily.
A daily allowance would be welcome but not mandatory.