An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 12 04 - Vacation Accrued

Surfing the net today I came across an artist that has the most amazing body of work.
After thoroughly looking over his portfolio it occurred to me that an artist's rendition of Paul Buceta would make for a cool home page image.
(Something that could use updating I might add).

I sent the artist an email asking how much commissioning him to draft up a quick sketch would be and went on with my other activities.

Within minutes his reply was sitting in my Inbox.

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.
After going back and forth on what I was after I finally had my price.
Unfortunately, the amount was more than what's currently sitting in the Paul Buceta coffers.

It saddens me that there are so many things in life I can't afford.
I'm sure that if I had the budget, I would have gone forward with the idea.
What's more, he has a few originals for sale that I would have loved to acquire.

Anyhow, just because I can't afford to purchase real art for my site just yet, doesn't mean I can't make it.
And while I'm at it, I might just be able to make some money to boot.

Paul Van Gogh
A Paul Buceta original: $5.00

Hell, I couldn't afford a web designer, so I designed my own,
I can't afford a web master so I became my own,
I can't afford a best friend so... well... I don't like where this is going.