An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 12 06 - Paul Buceta Tops the Naughty List

'Twas the night before last
out catching a flick
and who did I see?
of course!! was St. Nick

A late night it was
and so far from home
he had a sad look
he was so alone

Over I went
with a wave and a smile
"Paul" he called out
"Let's talk for a while"

As I walked over excited
my steps really fast
I saw his female helper
and admired her smile

I sat on his knee
we talked for a while
he told me great stories
I felt like a child

His helper she listened
behaving her best
she came a bit closer
wiggling her nose

Santa talked on
I needed the potty
tales of the nice
and tales of the naughty

Humoring the old guy
I graced him with a pic
he gave me a hug
and a peppermint stick

His cute little helper
she gave me a wink
would I be lucky
I couldn't help but think

The old guy grew tired
it was time to go home
my mind was racing
was I going alone?

Alas I stood up
and said my farewell
as I walked out myself
passing mall personnel

I turned one last time
seeing Santa's round gut
he smiled at his helper
and pinched her cheek.

Paul Buceta and Santa Claus