An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 12 10 - Dream Dates

Yesterday left me thinking more and more about being famous.

Have you ever done that?

You know, when you fantasize about what you're going to do with all the money you won on the lottery or who you'd thank in your Oscar winning acceptance speech.

I was actually thinking who I'd be interested in dating and hanging out with.
(Remember: In fantasy land no one is married)

I would like to date the following:

1. Julia Roberts - She seems fun
2. Sandra Bullock - She also seems fun
3. Natassja Kinski - Long time crush
4. Pamela Anderson - Nice pair of eyes
5. Jamie Gertz - Something about her eyes
6. Jennifer Lopez - Brush up on my Spanish
I would like to hang with the following:

1. Brad Pitt - I think he's nuts like me
2. Tom Cruise - Interesting stories?
3. Jamie Kennedy - Too funny!
4. Jim Carrey - Nice guy, and funny.
5. Hugh Grant - He's just like Travis

It would be really cool if one of the celebs listed above got a wind of my little list and decided to give Paul Buceta a role in one of their next movies!
Of course, I would settle with an email saying hi...

Was that too obvious?
Am I being too transparent, too easy, too desperate?

Screw it! I don't care.
Besides, this whole website is just a ploy to get me in touch with the movers and shakers of Hollywood. (And to meet the ladies)

Anyhow, back to fantasy land...

If Lenny Kravits can date a Nicole Kidman imagine my luck!

Paul Kravits

To the Oscars I think I would take Melissa Rivers.
This way I'd be a shoe-in for the best dressed award from her mother.