An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 12 15 - Company X-Mas Party

Over the weekend I attended my company party.
Usually I don't make a big deal out of this function but this year is different.

I work with a bunch of really cool people who are not afraid to have fun.
And at this party it showed.

In my past experiences, company parties were a bit boring; everyone would dress nice and be on their best behavior because the bosses were watching.

This year we did things differently.

There was no dress code (I wore jeans), it was a BYOB, and it was held in a low key location.
And off course: No bosses.
It had all the ingredients of a wild party.

There were a few people (myself included) that had way too much to drink, but who cares?

This morning at work everyone is talking about what a fun party it was and uncharacteristically understanding of everyone's behavior at the party.

Finally, a party with no remorse, excluding hangovers which I'm sure were rampant.
And yes, I still have my job.

I think next year I'll bring my lamp shade to make things complete.