An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 12 22 - B+ Journal

I had some friends over yesterday and the strangest conversation came up.

We talked about the significance of a good education.

I know I'm going to ruffle a few feathers with this statement - but here goes.

I think that conventional education is unimportant.
What is important is the level of social interaction learned. These are the days (from early schooling to university) that friendships are forged and social skills are developed.
If you have no social skills, what good is a diploma?

Now, that's not to say that education is not important. I just think that the emphasis is placed on the wrong things.
Why are good marks so important?

An example: A friend of mine that has a child in school complained that her son got a C in physical education. I agreed that her son was indeed one of the most athletic kids around and was unjustified in obtaining a C.
However, what I was really thinking was not so much about the decline of educational standards in our school systems but more about how a bit of social grace may have improved his mark

As unfortunate as this is, if you don't sell yourself you won't get noticed.

Another example: I was always a bit of an under-achiever. During my early school years I received a mark that was below what I was willing to accept. I certainly didn't want to show it to my parents.
So with a smile on my face I met the offending teacher after school (notice how I shifted the blame to the teacher here), and begged them to reconsider.
It worked - She raised my mark by a full grade!

This taught me (at eleven) that marks were only based on what or how others see you.
If you kill yourself on a project and don't show it or tell people how difficult it was, very often it will only be viewed as a C.

For me, this lesson also applied to the corporate ladder.
But alas, being the ever under-achiever I decided to give up on being a CEO and opted to work on my journal instead.

I may have made a mistake though;

This journal is hard work!
Many nights I loose sleep over what I'm going to write next.
I have missed countless meals and have lovingly named my bleeding ulcer DOT-COM.
I have had to sell one possession after another to help finance this endeavour.
And am pretty sure I can blame my lack of friends and meaningful relationships on account of it.

There.... Are you appreciating my journal more now?