An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2003 12 27 - Philosopher Runs In Graveyard

Number 24: Run In a Graveyard
As mentioned earlier I opted to try one of the experiments of the 101 listed.
Desired effect: Pious

The effect I was after was not one of disrespect but of celebration of life.
Admittedly, during my drive there, I couldn't help but feel like a prankster - Something I don't wish to become.

The experiment called for me to run through a cemetery and try to feel at one with its residents,
To get past the feeling of my motion and their stillness - To share in their stillness.
Once achieved, I have become one of them, a true partner of the human race.

Whatever the book was asking me to feel was too far removed from who I am.

I'm a celebrator of life. Preferring not to dwell on the past but to embrace the future.

To be honest however, I did spend a good hour just walking through and reading the stones.

I reflected on my own mortality and realized that when I go, I hope that others don't dwell on me and move on with their lives.

This experiment, while not exactly working as planned, did provide me with a sense of tranquility.
Was I feeling pious?

I do know that I felt good about going and found the experience to be nourishing to the soul.
In fact, I'll go as far as recommending you to try it.
Visit a family member, an old friend, or just go to pay your respect to strangers - You'll be glad you did.

Another thing that I should mention:

I was contemplating going to try this experience last night and found out a bit more about me than I was expecting or am comfortable sharing, for that matter.

Paul Buceta is scared of cemeteries at night.

There - Enjoy your laugh.