An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 01 03 - Buceta On The Rocks

It's Friday night and once again I find myself with nothing to do.
Last time this happened you may recall I went swimming.
This time however, I didn't quite feel like taking a dip.

So I decided to try the next best thing - Skating.

It's been a long time since I've put on my skates so I was a bit nervous about killing myself or some stranger.

This also provided me with the opportunity to bring my camera along to document the hilarity.

Actually, I was afraid I would fall and smash my camera into a thousand pieces - I think the humiliation of trying to pick up all the tiny parts whilst on my hands and soaking knees would be unbearable.
I bravely ventured forward anyway.

I asked one of the 'skate patrol' guys if they wouldn't mind taking a picture of me.
Now, I had the camera set up for a 3 picture burst mode: (Automatically takes 3 pictures).
I do this on purpose just in case I blink - Or something else...

As I'm posing for the picture, some hot shot ten-year old whips by me throwing off my concentration
just as I hear the camera click, click, click.

Whoa... Whoa... Are you OK?

I'm lying.
I didn't actually hear the camera go click, click, click.
What heard was click, click, and what can only be described as the sound a watermelon makes (from the inside) when it's abrublty dropped on a hard surface, like ice.

Have you ever seen a small kid hit his head on concrete?
I'm guessing it sounded a bit like that. Especially the crying part after.

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