An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 01 16 - Milan, here I come!

My friend Gino was was scheduled to appear in a fashion show on Friday night called X - RATED. He could tell by my expression, I was interested to hear more.
He went on to tell me that the title was not representative of the show and asked if I was interested in attending.

This hasn't really been my scene in the past.
I don't know much about fashion except for what I see on TV. And even then, I'd feel like everyone would stare at me with one of those, "Who invited the leper?" looks.

So, I declined the invitation.

He then hit me with, "There'll be a lot of beautiful models there that wouldn't mind getting their pictures taken".


I went to the show with camera in hand not knowing if I'd be thrown out for trying to pass myself off as someone who knew what they were doing. Luckily, when I got there I mentioned that I was invited to photograph the event and was given the royal treatment.
So far so good.

I found out that X - RATED was the title for Vanja Vasic's 2004 Spring Collection.
I have to admit, I was pleased this wasn't going to be some weird sex-pose.

Anyhow, knowing what I know about lighting and moving subjects I could tell that I was going to have my hands full trying to get good clear shots without using a flash.
There were a few other photographers there that had some good positions (They came earlier) so I had to make do with being mobile.

This actually worked out in my favor. If I had one location to shoot from, all of my pics would have been similar. I found that by being able to move around I was able to take advantage of different angles.

You can see some of the pics by clicking on the image to the right

After the show I helped myself to a quick glass of wine.

Here I am with Gino.

Here's Gino with designer Vanja Vasic.

From what I remember from those fashion shows I see on TV, designers always looked like anti-models. As you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised when Gino introduced me to her.
Vanja should have been on the runway herself!

Anyhow, after my quick glass of wine I basically ran out of the place to get home to review my pictures. I prayed they'd turn out ok.

But then again, I knew they'd be good - I took them.
(That was more over-the-top than my usual self, wasn't it?)

Now I find myself day-dreaming of the catwalks of Paris and Milan.