An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 01 22 - Long Story: Short Point

About nine years ago my brother and I went shopping for biker boots. Actually it was more like I joined him in his search.
At that time the only ones he liked and wanted were about $40 over his budget.
I remember him being rather devastated by this so I asked him to let me haggle with the guy to see what I could do.
When my brother wasn't looking, I slipped the guy the $40 we were short along with a quick wink. Luckily the guy got the picture and agreed to our price - Or so my brother thought.

You see, my brother is a very proud person and would rather die than accept charity.
I didn't see it as such but knowing him...

Anyhow, about one year later we went to Spain to visit family.
He had new soles put on his rough naugahyde biker boots just for the trip.

One day we headed off to the beach in our sandals, only to return to his freshly polished boots waiting for us in the living room - as if on display.

You see, my aunt had thought that his boots looked like they needed a polishing, not realizing that the rough look was what my brother loved about them.
They were basically ruined in his eyes.

Fast forward seven years:
I'm emptying some boxes from storage and I find his boots.
You see, my brother had tried to throw the boots away when we got back from Spain but I wouldn't let him. I told him I'd like to have them.

Wow, I'm jumping around a lot!

The first day I decide to wear my boots guess what happened...

Someone else I know wore them the same day!