An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 02 01 - Fashionista (Part I)

As you have probably noticed I've been a bit negligent in updating my journal as of late - with good reason, as you'll see.

Ahh... so where do I begin?
(** I sit back pinching the bridge of my nose trying to figure out how to piece this all together.)

A little while ago I was invited to photograph a fashion show. As always, not wanting to miss an opportunity to take pictures of beautiful women, (legally) I jumped at the chance.
After the shoot I had posted a bunch of the pics on my site and thanked the designer via email for being so kind and treating me like a member of the press.

Now, as I understand it, someone had seen these images and forwarded them along to Fashion Television who, in turn, contacted the designer with interest in featuring her and her collection.
Paul Buceta Rules!

Wait, it gets better...

Because the right people liked my work I was asked if I'd be interested in going to the Fashion Television Studios to be the photographer for the interview/event.
I told the person on the phone that "I'd like to think about it" and couldn't even finish the sentence before breaking out laughing - "You bet your sweet ass I'm interested"

After my telephone conversation it all began to sink in - Especially the nerves.
I realized that to be efficient I would require an assistant.
But who do I know that;
A: Knows photography
B: Knows computers (I shoot digital) and
C: Is not working on Wednesday.

I remember being treated to a nice lunch a little while back by Larisa and thought I kinda owe her.
Besides, I kinda like looking like a bigshot photographer and impressing the ladies too.
So I call her up and as soon as I mention Fashion Television she cut me off, "I'll do it!".

You know, it's good to be Paul Buceta.


 I arrived at the Fashion Television studio on time with my 'assistant' Larisa in tow.

Truthfully, it feels kinda weird to call her that especially since I consider her a friend. However, I was trying to set an image of professionalism so...

The unfortunate part was that she was way too attractive and 'model' looking for anyone to actually believe me. They were all thinking I brought a 'special personal friend'.

I didn't mind - I mean LOOK at her!
And besides I rule - Remember?

As luck would have it, the time restraints that were the major reason for my stress were not going to be an issue. You see, I was afraid I was going to have to shoot on the fly consecutively for a few hours. I wouldn't have time to stop to upload pictures - Hence the need for an assistant.
But as it turned out we were going to have breaks between every set.
So what do I do with Larisa now?

I hesitantly gave her my spare camera to shoot with.
I wasn't hesitant about her breaking it or anything, it was more a fear of her getting better shots than me and making me look bad. On the bright side, now I had someone to take pics of me doing my thing.

Before the interview/show we were all hanging around in a board room chatting about this and that while the models, hair dressers and makeup artists did their thing.
It was a good place to be.
Everyone was excited about being on the show - It was pretty big time for all of us.

You can click here to see some of my favorite pics.


Model Amy had sat down in the hair dresser's chair and basically let him go wild.

While she was getting her hair cut, a few of us were getting nervous because a lot was coming off and we didn't know how she'd react.
The last picture is of her taking her first look in a mirror at her new do - Whew! She liked it.


Meet Yano.
Yano, like me, is the type of guy that walks into a room and makes every girl go gaga.
He is also the type of guy that most married men are scared shit of.

I don't mean to imply that he's a bad person, on the contrary, I rather liked him, rather that he's the type of guy that married woman would like to have as the pool boy. (To name one job).

Larisa was all nice to me until she met him.

Did I say I liked him?


I should actually have begun with Vanja Vasic (Pronounced VA-SICH) the designer that made all this possible.

As time wore on I found that I didn't mind so much that I had lost Larisa to cloud 9.
My attention had shifted also; onto Vanja.
I found her to be superbly warm, absolutely charming and totally honest about life. She's one of those rare type of confident women that exude power and style in a laid back manner.

She's also the type of woman that scares the crap out of me in the best of ways.
My whole life, I've admired her type from afar - Never having the courage to approach.

I think I'll stop here for fear of her slashing my tires.


Here are some assorted pics from the day...

{short description of image}

{short description of image}


After we wrapped up for the day, a bunch of us decided to go out for dinner and as it turned out, more than just a few drinks. Being me, I brought along a camera and captured quite a few interesting pics you won't want to miss.

As The Lord of The Rings said,

"To be continued..."