An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 02 02 - Fashionista (Part II)

Alright, so after we wrapped up shooting for the day a bunch of us agreed to go out for dinner and drinks.
Two of the models, Amy and Tamar couldn't make it because of other arrangements so the rest of us hopped in my car.
The crew consisted of Zyrack, Larisa, Pippa, Vanja, Luba and myself.

We had had dinner at a place called the Distillery district.
Unfortunately, nothing much to report happened there.
But then we all crammed back into my car and headed to a local bar for a few drinks and that's were the fun began.

At this point you're probably wondering , "What happened to Yano?"
Last I remember, at the studio he told me to wait while he went to the bathroom - Whoopsies.
Oh well, all is fair in love and war. <WINK>

Anyhow, at the bar we all had a great time talking about the day.
Hell, even Larisa started showing me some loving again now that Yano wasn't in the picture.

Then again it might have had something to do with my cheerleading.

That's right,.. drink drink drink...

As the night wore on and alcohol flowed, a great idea emerged for an artistic nude group photo. I can't get into too much detail about the shoot but can say this; if we pull it off, the images will be damn hot! Perhaps even too hot for here.
(I'll keep you posted on any developements)

Another little surprise was how well Vanja and I got along.
I thought she was friendly before....

AHEM, say it with me, "Paul Buceta rules!"