An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 02 17 - 15 to 10 to 6

I've been tanning at this little place close to home for over two years now and I never had a problem until recently.

A few weeks ago this place decided to change their bulbs.
(I found out later that this is something that should be done regularly)

I usually go for 15 minutes in a stand up bed - I prefer to stand as I hate the white lines in my errr,... nether regions.

Before tanning however, I had gone to the gym and took a nice long hot shower after working out.
When I arrived at the tanning place I was informed that they had just put in new bulbs and that I should go for less than my regular 15 minutes.
Giving me the professional once over the guy behind the counter said "10 for you!".

Being Latino I almost laughed out loud at this.
Ten minutes? Why even bother going I thought, but he IS the pro at this so I decided to humor him.

But I knew as soon as I left the toaster that something was a bit wrong.
By the time I got home, I could feel my eyelids begin to swell. Every blink caused discomfort.
By the next morning I had a pretty bad burn.

I was convinced that the burning was a result of my shower so shortly beforehand.
I had never gone tanning right after a shower before, and was certain that that must have been the reason.

So what do I go and do?

You guessed it. I went back for another 10 minutes a few days later!
And guess what - Burned again!

Today I want in again and this time with my head hung down in shame I asked if I could go for 6 minutes. What a shitty Latino I have become.

As I type this I'm constantly touching my face for warmth and soreness.

Thank God for Aloe Vera - Cool to the touch and tastes great.