An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 03 02 - Hamming It Up at The Audition

I just got out of the audition for the TV commercial that I had mentioned in yesterday's video journal entry.

I walked in and almost instantly felt comfortable. I just knew things were going to run smoothly.
When I had finished my audition the people in the room were laughing out loud.
Now, this was my first audition for a commercial and am not sure if this is common behavior on their part so I just assume that I was that good.

What's more, is that they told me they're putting me on their 'A' list and that I can certainly expect a call back.

Say it with me - Paul Buceta rules!

I think what made the whole thing soo successfull was my ability to 'Ham' it up.

This is something I was reminded of today when checking my email.

A special thanks to Wendy for the artwork and for always calling it like it is.