An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 03 09 - Busy day

I considered doing a video journal today but just didn't have the energy.
And also, I have so much stuff to cover that wanted to be sure I didn't leave anything out.

My day today went as follows;
9:00am- Audition for a national spot commercial.
10:00am - Arrive at work.
11:30am - Went to function (Work Related)
3:30pm - Quick breakfast/lunch go to...
4:30pm - Audition for a music video.

All I can say is "I'm exhausted".
There is something to be said about auditions. For many of you who have never experienced one just picture it as a public speaking gig, only cameras are recording you and most times you have no idea what your supposed to say till the last minute - And sometimes you don't even get that.
And of course you have to do this all with a big grin!
I think the reason auditions are so exhausting (to me at least) is that the adrenaline really gets flowing.

Anyhow, a funny thing about auditions is that you are competing for the same job with everyone who is sitting in the waiting area with you.

This kind of psychological warfare is right up my alley.

For example; this morning there were about 10 guys dressed like me (in suits) and about 20 women.
I walked in, noticed the quiet indifference and, to no one in particular asked,
"Ooops, is this the waiting area for a funeral commercial?"
Everyone looked at me and remained silent. Now, this would have left most people devastated but I am not most people.
I continue with,
"C'mon, work with me people - You see, what's funny about the 'funeral bit' is that you guys are all quiet and serious like someone died - Get it?"
And then I proceeded to laugh out loud - real loud.
A couple of the guys joined me as well as most of the ladies.

Paul Buceta has entered the building.

You'd have thought that I would have been satisfied with that and know well enough to leave it alone but nooooo, not me. I had to add;
"For those of you not laughing, I understand if you're too nervous because of the audition - Don't worry, it gets easier over time"

I could tell that those laughing originally, wanted to laugh even more but were too concerned about offending those who didn't.
That's ok tho, because I pretty much kept giggling to myself until I was called in.

Aside from making a total ass of myself, I think I may have managed to throw some of them off their game.

Confidence is such a fragile commodity.


But not all is rosy in the entertainment industry.

In my last video journal I mentioned I got an audition for a commercial.
I subsequently got a call back for it.
I was really excited about this as it was for a national campaign. However, enough time has passed that I have resigned myself to believe I did not or rather will not get it.
The entertainment scene is like a cruel mistress laughing in the face of false hope.
The nice thing about her is that I predict she'll be the source of many a future journal entry.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
I got an email from my friend Ashifa today that I thought I should share:

And the wiener is....
From first call-back to an Oscar in less than a week.
And you just had to get on the phone right away, didn't ya?

Oh, and don't forget to relish.

Get it?
You see, what's funny about "the email" is the play on words winner and wiener, and relish and errr....never mind.