An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 03 14 - Summer's Coming

I sat down at my computer resolved to add a journal entry as I have been a bit negligent as of late. The problem is that I find I have absolutely nothing to write.
My creative juices just don't seem to want to flow so early in the morning. Either that or I just have no fun stories to share.

I did however get an email asking for some info on the latest model I photographed - Tamar.
We had met a few months ago at a fashion show that I was invited to photograph.
As luck would have it, a few weeks later we met again at a Fashion Television shoot.
With this kind of luck it would seem that we were destined to work together.

Tamar is both a professional and considerate model.
For some reason, many models I've worked with in the past would often show up late or mess around making the shoot last a lot longer and ultimately lowering the quality of the final product.
Tamar however, called me once every day for a week to confirm we were still on.
When she was running five minutes behind she was on her cell apologizing profusely.
Truth is, I admired her professionalism so much that I invited her to appear in a pilot for TV that I'm working on.

If I were to rate models on their professionalism and ease to work with Tamar would top my list.

Alright, so I wouldn't be entirely honest if I didn't add how much I wanted to work with her.
When I first saw her at the fashion show I was drawn to her exotic beauty. I knew that if I could set up a shoot with her, I'd be able to showcase it.

Also, we agreed to get together again when the weather gets a bit better.
This is just another reason why I am SO looking forward to summer.