An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 03 16 - Fun Project

My friend Kelsey came over today to work on the fun project I had mentioned earlier.

She had sent me some pics in an email and asked if I could duplicate them with her as the feature.

Can I?
I can do anything, I'm Paul Buceta!

The Nicole Kidman look I knew would be easy to pull off since I think Kelsey looks like her to begin with.

Liza Minnelli however, I was a bit nervous about.

And of course there was the fifty foot woman poster that she was interested in trying.
This was the one I was most afraid of.
How do I get her to look like she was drawn into the picture?

Surprisingly, the one I most feared turned out to be my favorite one.

Now I find I'm trying to come up with a sexy film poster to try to entice her back.

Something a bit more provocative perhaps...
(Rubbing hands together fiendishly)