An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 03 17 - Disturbing Cover

My friend Travis had found this vinyl record cover and was good enough to pass it along.
Originally I just laughed at how bad it was but upon closer scrutiny I found it began to disturb me. Even as I type this I'm getting creepy goosebumps.

John Bult - Julie's Sixteenth Birthday

A couple of things about this record stand out to me;

1. Julie is sixteen and in a bar.
2. The man holding her hand is wearing a wedding band.
3. The man looks much older than her.
4. He's half way through his beer, meaning he's starting to feel 'special'.
5. The cigarette in the picture appears to be completely burnt out indicating he's consumed more than one. And probably at the begging stage.
6. Why does she look so sad? It's her sweet sixteenth!
7. On the piano behind them is a menu sideways - Not music.
8. Quite a bit of make-up for a sixteenth birthday.

I welcome email additions and will gladly post them below as they come in.


And here's the first one in with the following;

Naw, naw, naw. You've got it all wrong.

Truth is, Julie's father is having an affair with a drag queen. The girl whose hand he's holding is not Julie, but Jim - hence all the make-up. It's Julie's birthday and she's waiting home for him - daddy's got to cut short his rendevous time. Jim is not too happy with that "If it's not your wife, you're running off to your daughter. Do I mean NOTHING to you, NOTHING??!" Sob, sob. So Julie's dad puts aside the menu he was looking at (he's starving), and tries to console Jim. "Darling, I'm a musician (see the guitar in the back?) and aside from myself, you're the only other person who can touch my instrument. I don't let anyone else near that thing. Doesn't that count for anything? You and you alone pluck my heart strings." Jim is not convinced. His glance rests longingly on the table and he thinks: "At the very least, I hope you're planning on leaving me what's left of that beer so I can drown my sorrows in it. And I could use that smoke too."


And I just knew one would follow from Wendy;

Ohhh please guys have it all mixed up...... what "evil" minds you have.... trying to turn an innocent, sweet 16 birthday celebration into something sordid .... lmao

Julie IS the poor young thing at the table with her sympathetic Dad (albeit it alcoholic, chain smoking Father... addictions frequently come in multiples) who's trying his best to console her because he's just found out that her new husband and father of her 2 week old baby Billy Bob is secretly a cross dressing Transvestite and has been seen around town whooping it up that very afternoon with some new "boys" he met in the back roads of town.

Eighteen year old Jim Bob, her husband, was suppose to meet her at the lone local watering hole after work to celebrate their 1 month wedding anniversary. Dad trying to make up for years of forgotten birthday gifts had thought to hire a "boys" band for the sweet 16....( big mistake). It appears all that's left of the hired entertainment is a lone guitar and broken pick.( Thank goodness for spell checker) Julie can't look Dad in the face upon hearing the news. Good ole Pa is anxious to get back to his lady of the evening, who's waiting at the next table, hence the "look" in his eyes as he stares over his daughter's shoulder to admire Stella's cleavage near popping out of that hot lil number she's wearing. The menu tossed unceremoniously onto the piano noted today's special "Stuffed Turkey" which Julie tossed there in disgust, because it kinda reminded her how she ended up marrying the no good, two faced, cheatin' husband of hers in the first place.

Looks like the only happy souls tonight are going to be Jim Bob, and the back street boys.....