An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 03 24 - Does anyone have this kind of luck?

During my still young acting career I have auditioned for a total of three commercials.

So far I have landed two of them.

As my friend was quick to point out, in baseball terms I'd be batting .750.
The same situation when discussed with my dad however, elicited an entirely different response. He said, "Two out of three?... What a f***in' loser", and proceeded to laugh his ass off.
Can you see where I get my humor?

On the subject of my dad, he moved this past weekend and I've got a couple of pics I plan on adding to my journal soon. The entry itself is about 50% finished.

As well, last night I went to Toronto Fashion Week and snapped off a bunch of nice pics.
While there I met a great model (Italian) that I plan on featuring in a soon upcoming SESSIONS.
I also met with my friend and colleague Larisa.

She was kind enough to send me the picture below...

(Photo courtesy Larisa)

How desperate do I look?
I should have been taking pictures and not standing there with my mouth open drooling all over the place!

But you know what? I just landed another commercial so I'm too happy to care too much about my public drooling habits.