An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 03 29 - RATED PG13 (For Larisa's Sake)

I had met Larisa on-line some time ago through a model/photographer database.
I was feeling a bit bored and was checking out local models on-line when I stumbled across her.
I was quite taken by her beauty.

My first thought was that she might not be interested in working with me as my photography seemed more sensual than the clean and pretty look of her portfolio, and after receiving my first email from her was quite confident that I was right in my assumptions.
She wrote;
"I am not interested in shooting nudes whatsoever... I can not use them for my book."

Regardless, I persisted and we became friends.

Now one would think that with us becoming friends she would be a lot more comfortable being photographed by me.

But no, this is not the case.

You see, since we have become friends she has told all her friends and family to check out my site. And now as a result, she's afraid of what I might write in my journal about her.

So now I find myself in the dilemma of figuring out how to write something funny about me and her that would make everyone happy?

Here goes...

The big day arrives and we find Larisa in my living room emptying out her suitcase of outfits she brought along for the shoot.

She states her desire to try to look cool and not so polished as per her regular pretty, sweet, and innocent style.

"But Larisa", says I, "Your sweet innocent look is what makes you so lovely besides, what will your friends think?"

She is adamant, "Paul, I've been a good girl all of my life and long for the wild side"
Ok, she didn't actually say that - It was more like, "Stop grovelling Paul, I told you before, I'm not posing nude!"

And to make a long story short, on this day Paul Buceta did not rule.

I did however, get her to help me promote my BANANA DEMON line.

This actually gives me a thought... if you buy my stuff, send me a picture of you in it and I'll happily put it up on my site.

Or don't send me the picture, whatever you like.
Just buy the stuff and spread the word.