An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 04 11 - Mustang Sally

The other day I got together with my latest SESSIONS model Savannah. I had found her while perusing the model database sites as I so often do.

When I first stumbled across her profile I was almost certain she wouldn't be interested in working with me as her pictures all looked really professional. Not that mine don't. Mine are just packaged along with my whole site so I assume most models find me strange, (While downright sexy at the same time) and not really serious about my photography.
Anyhow, I sent her an email and was pleasantly surprised to receive a quick courteous and professional response. We booked a date and time, and it was done.

I think what closed the deal was the hat and tank top.

I continuously have to remind myself the power of my merchandise!

From the moment we booked the shoot I found myself continuously reviewing to her pics and trying to interpret a personality. What does she sound like, what are her mannerisms, is she elegant or does she party.

Well, when she arrived, she pulled up in a red Mustang.
Correct me if I'm wrong but a Mustang=Party Girl.
Paul Buceta likes party girls.

After shooting for a couple of hours we decided to break for lunch. This gave me the opportunity to check her out in her Mustang. "You don't mind driving do you?"
Yes, I'm shameless but I have to admit it kinda did it for me. Did I mention I like party girls?

We agreed to do a shoot in the summer with her car.
Hell, why wait that long?
"Say cheese"

At lunch she really surprised me. Although I shouldn't, as swimsuit weather is fast approaching, I ordered a pretty big meal and she ordered the same.
Not only did she manage to polish everything off, she also joined me for some desert.

I should have tried the old, "Lets loosen up and have a couple of drinks" line.

I just realized, I'm wearing the same vest I wore the last time I came off as a loser!

You know, if I had ditched the vest, I might have convinced her to join me for a little dinner, dancing, breakfast...