An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 04 14 - Corporate America in Panties

Some of the girls from the hit TV show The Apprentice have posed in lingerie/underwear for the upcoming May edition of FHM

Kristi Frank, Katrina Campins, Amy Henry, Ereka Vetrini

I was talking with a friend today who thought that this was pathetic.
Basically, she argued that "It always comes down to being a sex symbol for women".
She went on to say it diminishes their credibility and respect as professionals while at the same time throwing back the advances of women's equality.

I was about to argue her point saying that the guys will probably be next but thought better of it.
Do I want to see Donald Trump in a thong with a gentle wind blowing through his golden mane?
Call me old fashioned, but I think I'll pass.

Still, the ladies are looking sweet and you can bet I'll be buying a copy.

Paul Buceta... You're FIRED!