An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 04 21 - My Latest Video

A month or so ago The Naked Critic was telling me about how he had to cancel a performance at a comedy club because he wasn't prepared for it.
He went on to describe how bad his stage freight gets. At first I was laughing because I thought he was joking about how overwhelming it becomes but soon came to realize how serious he was.

I couldn't believe how funny it is that he gets soo nervous about doing a show yet still sets himself up for it.

This is where the idea originated.

We, or as Naked would quickly point out, I thought it would be real funny to record the events leading up to, during and after the performance. He agreed, "It would probably be funny to document".. his torture -This was said sarcastically.

Anyhow, the show arrived and unfortunately for him, it didn't pan out.
In fact he was adamant that it sucked. I on the other hand thought it wasn't so bad.
Regardless I put together the video of his torment for your amusement.

File size: 23,000 KB

If enough people ask, I might just show the actual performance as well.
(Yeah, I know, Naked will hate me if I do)