An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 05 17 - "Hey, I Know You..."

I went to a fashion show last week that proved to be quite interesting.

Let me back track to give you a small history of how this evening came to pass.

As you may recall, a friend of mine (Gino) was going to be in a fashion show and had asked me if I'd be interested in coming out to photograph the event.
I obliged and ended up with some nice pictures of Vanja Vasic's X-Rated collection as well as making some contacts in the industry.
One of those contacts was a designer named Lubica.

The following week, my pictures made their way to Fashion Television. This in turn got both Vanja invited to come in to be interviewed and I to photograph the event.
Again, designer and close friend of Vanja's, Lubica was present.

Because of the amount of work that was required to photograph at Fashion Television I had decided to invite a model/photographer to be my assistant - Larisa.
Whom has since been featured in a SESSIONS.

While photographing the event I got to meet Tamar another model that since then has been featured in SESSIONS.
Tamar, I would find out, had modelled for Lubica's line of clothes on her web site.

To sum up:
At Vanja Vasic's X-Rated Collection I met Lubica.
At Fashion Television I met Lubica and Tamar.
I introduced Larisa to everyone at Fashion Television Shoot.
I have featured Larisa in SESSIONS.
I have featured Tamar in SESSIONS.


That just about brings us up to today.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Lubica (via mass email) informing me that she and fellow designer Zoran Dobric are putting on a fashion show.
At the time I really didn't think I'd end up going as I really don't like to go to these events by myself, but then again, models are at fashion shows right?

I like models.

I went to the fashion show.

When I arrived at the show I noticed a guy setting up the lights. I manage to sweet talk him and the attractive woman he was with to let me borrow their ladder to take pics.
On reflection, I wish I got a picture of her also - But how would that have played out?
"Dude, I'm diggin the hottie your with, can I take her picture for my personal collection?"
He probably would've told me to, "Talk to The Hand!"

Anyhow, the reason for the ladder:
There were lots of other photographers there and I really didn't want to end up with the standard type shot that everyone else would have. From a higher perspective I was afforded this possibility.

The show began and I couldn't help spit out some of my beer at the site of the first model I see come onto the runway - Larisa.

What are the odds that she'd be here? Not that I was against it mind you. I mean look at her, she's smokin hot! Upon reflection I guess my introductions way back when panned out for her.

I was still laughing over the whole thing when who else comes out onto the runway?
This time a little beer came out my nose.

Alright, now I'm totally buggin'

(I just know all of these outdated phrases are going to get The Naked Critic's panties in a bunch - heh heh).

Anyhow as the night wore on, a few of what I can only assume were models, judging from their looks, came up to me to tell me they knew me from my site. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Paul Buceta has hot models as fans!

You don't have to say it with me, I'll be getting enough satisfaction saying it alone today:
"Paul Buceta Rules!"

The sad thing is I don't have pictures of these fans of mine.

But it's true - They do exist.
Really... they do.

One model from the show that stood out to me was this one;

I made some calls as I was writing this and found out her name is Slavka.
(Slavka if you're reading this - Hi)

I managed to get a candid pic of her after the show.

Yeah, Slavka was alright.

There was this one other girl there that wasn't in the show but should have been. Usually I pass my cards out like crazy but on this night I had only handed out one card - to her.

I do have a picture of her (a background pic).
I'll have to wait to get her approval before posting it.

UPDATE: She sent me a pic of her instead.

Here are the pics from the fashion show.

Moving on...
During the fashion show I was making a bit of small talk with a woman named Sonya.
During my conversation, it turns out that she's hosting another event and is looking for a videographer.

AHEM, I'm a videographer.

We exchanged cards and it looks like I'll be shooting another function in a week.
Weee, I like this fashion gig.

Especially when I get to hang out with hot models like these;

Alright, alright, you can say it with me;
"Paul Buceta Rules!"