An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 05 25 - In My Element

Alright, as you may recall I went to a fashion show last week and met a woman named Sonia who invited me to videotape another fashion show - One she was coordinating.

Sonya and me

This fashion show she was working on was called the Golden Curl Image Awards - Specifically for Total Look by 3rd Wish. It was basically an event showcasing hair, makeup, design and jewelry.

I have to admit I was caught off guard at how opulent this show was. In fact, royalty from Thailand was in attendance. (I'll get to that later).

The master of ceremony was Jamie Quinn from Rogers Television.

Alright, I'll admit I hadn't seen her before tonight but you can be sure that, as of now, I'll be tuning in to Rogers more often.

On with my story ...
Because I was invited to videotape her specific program, (Total Look, by 3rd Wish) I only got to photograph models from other designers on the runway.
Not that I'm complaining mind you - I got to see and meet some amazing models I would love to work with.

For example Rachel,

Here I am with Rachel and her hairstylist who's name eludes me.

Isn't she absolutely stunning? I felt like a blabbering idiot talking to her.
She made me nervous.

Another model that made me nervous was Amber.

Amber is one of those statuesque blonde runway models you see on TV but never in real life. She was quite friendly, outgoing and seemingly interested in working together.
It's not every day that I get an offer to work with a model on the front page of
It was all I could do from dropping to me knees and calling out, "I'm not worthy!"
You can see more pics of her here.

Now that I think about it, I didn't get my pic taken with many of the models I met - What was I thinking?

oops, hold on, I found this one;

That's right, I had the whole 'photographer look' going on with the leather pants and all.
I don't care if leather pants are out - I'm planning on bringing them back in.

You can click here to see the pics and a short video promo piece.

Moving along...

One person I was not expecting to meet was a princess from Thailand.

Paul Buceta and Princess M.R. Malinee Chakrabandhu

As I understand it, she's a direct descendent of the Emperor of China.
As a princess I'm sure she's had the opportunity to meet many important and famous people. Little did she know she was going to come face to face with Paul Buceta.
Seriously though, her poise and elegance was extraordinary.

Hot models and royalty in one journal entry - Somebody stop me!